Illustration Works

I enjoy illustration and drawing, and these are some of the works that were not included on this portfolio website.

I work both digitally and on paper/canvas. My choice usually depends on the purpose of the work. Currently I enjoy exploring different kinds of digital illustration, including spending time with my iPad Pro tablet (ProCreate and Adobe Sketch apps).
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Skills: Drawing, Sketching, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. ProCreate, Adobe Sketch.
Collaborators: solo

Personal Branding

Image of Big City Life Illustration

For my personal branding, I have created a digital illustration of a city that had a lot of small and fun human (or animal) elements such as a lady walking her dog, people in the coffeeshop, girl with a phone in a window, owl, airplane etc.

I used the illustration for postcards but also for business cards back. The idea was to make each quarter of the illustration work by itself but also be some kind of a small puzzle that assembles into one big picture. By this, I wanted to demonstrate my approach to work: starting from a big picture but with love for small (and sometimes cute) details.

Rethink 70s

Image of Shangri-La Illustration 1

For one of our classes, my classmate and I worked on an imaginary vintage clothing store. Apart from other work for that school project, I have created a set of illustrations that were used by us later for merchandise, website and actual printing of panels, tote bags and other assets.

This project was inspired by 70s but also modern minimal aesthetic, and I combined the two in my illustrations. My goal was to keep sense of humor but not appear too cheesy while playing with 70s symbols.

Big City Coffee

Image of my architecture drawing

Coffee Loyalty Package

Street sketches based on the photos I took on my trip to New York in winter 2016-2017. I used my drawings to create a coffee shop brand around this style.

This project was part of a school assignment in the Winter quarter of 2017. We had to create a Coffee Loyalty package consisting of a coffee loyalty card, paper coffee cup design and folder with die cut.

As part of the assignment, we were given the name and the logo but could choose any colors and concept we wanted. I decided to showcase my sketching skills as I love drawing architecture and do urban sketching. I have created the following sketches from the pictures I took myself on my trip to New York and then designed brochure, gift cup and a coffee cup around it.

My sketch for Side Street Coffee
Photo for Side Street Coffee Cups
Image of Side Street Coffee Loyalty Package