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winter 2017 collection - 50% off on all gear!!!

skaters in Kabul

Meet skaters from Kabul

7SK89 went to Kabul to meet the most courageous and admirable of skater girls on this planet. Yes, even in Afganistan there are girls who now how to skate and are brave to show it to the whole world!..Read more

girls on boards

first 7sk89's champs!

Last week we hosted our first championship in Los Angeles, California. Meet first 7SK89 winners in several categories! Read more

girls on boards

floral prints for a skater? easy!

If there is no reason to be scared of skateboard, why could there be any to wear floral print dresss while skating? Right, forget about fear and dress up!..Read more

Meet our new brand ambassador: Sky Brown!!!


new collection: pink for rebels

Spring 2017 is coming, and we are more than ready for it. Pink was always around but this season it is a really big thing. Be ready to mix all tints and shades of pink for your next look. And just in case you actually hate pink... We have one more loud color of this coming season prepared for you! Click and see the best looks from our new collection.

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Get a new album on your ipod for free with our partners! Artist of this week is Nickelback.

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feb'17 inspiration: l.a. street artists

Every month we travel to a new city to find out the art that inspires us and you. The city of this month is Los Angeles, the host city of our skate championship. Our team spent a full week discovering street art in the streets of LA, and making interviews with LA artists. Here is to what we got.