Hi! My name is Anna Atiagina and I'm a Graphic Design student at Seattle Central Creative Academy

My passion is interaction design and building meaningful, engaging experiences via any kind of media. Design is never a one way street, and my dream is to convert my designs into storytelling that inspires and keeps people interested.

My experience includes being a website manager and copywriter in Russia, interning in digital marketing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, building a website for a start-up in Mexico-city and interning at the UX Design team at Avalara, Inc in Seattle.

I forget about the time when I work on illustration, I love creating design systems and icon families. As a hobby, I enjoy film photography.

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WanderWomen magazine

school project: I alone created, designed and illustrated 84-pages travel magazine

as well as interactive WordPress website for that magazine


WordPress website

digital magazine at issuu.com


Avalara: UX Design Intern

Internship at Avalara Web UX Team

Creating digital hero illustrations, banners and icons, building Wordpress landing pages, helping with migration from Wordpress to AEM, building wireframes in Axure Rp and Sketch etc.




website for mobile application, Mexico-city, Mexico

Bootstrap, Wordpress, jQuery, CSS3




school project: online skating brand for girls

Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3 animation




school team project: a prototype for a new service (applying for driver's licenses online)

my role: user personas, wireframes (low to medium quality protoyping in Sketch), mobile wireframes.


dmv redesign website

History of Synthesizers

webpage/data vizualisation, school project - Spring 2017

SVG animation, CSS3, jQuery

see it here (desktop only, to be updated and slighly redesigned)


Customer Journey Map

school team project: customer journey for telemedicine users

my role: customer journey map for millenials (research and design)

see presentation (Google Drive)

journey map

United Megaregions Interactive Map

school team project: interactive map of future Americas megaregions

Creating a story and design system with another designer. Together with Julia Kowalski we worked on illustration styles, color palette, story and content of the page. I was also responsible for coding the whole web page using CSS grid and flexbox, designing the map using svg and jquery and working with Javascript-based data visualization.

final presentation (Google Drive)

mega regions atiagina kowalski